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Standard Translations

They concern the translations of the source documents provided by the customer in any form translated into the target language in any written form. These documents are not intended for the Office. The result of the translator’s work in this case is the translation of the text into the target language, relevant to the original. Translator is not obliged to translate literally, but is to render accurate sense of the source text according to the nature and specificity of both languages. On the other hand he cannot “create a new text” by adding meaning and content that the original text does not contain.

The unit of account for the client is the standard page of 1800 characters with spaces. The characters are all visible print signs (i.e. letters, numbers, punctuation marks, hyphens, etc.), taking into account spaces between them.

Valuation of the number of characters or of the number of contractual parties, which the translator settles with the client prior to starting his work is quite difficult and is done at the request of the customer is only approximately. Not every source document is submitted to the translator in editable version. Therefore, subject to agreement on the translation of the text, entered with the customer is always the price for the so-called contractual page. The final number of translated pages, calculated according to characters, can be accurately determined only at the moment of translation completion.

After completing translation the translator has the opportunity to present the customer with the exact number of pages settlement. Word text editor enables accurate readings of number of characters with spaces for each text file.

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